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20-week scan: We’re having a…

So today we went for our 20-week scan. Yes, that’s the one where you find out the sex of the baby!

In the weeks and months leading up to the scan J and I were in two minds whether to find out the gender or not and we seriously considered not finding out at all.

However, about a month ago, we decided that we wanted to know – we’re impatient buggers you see.

All this time I’ve thought about a gender and wondered what I would really want. Would I want a boy to be my little partner in crime or a girl to be Daddy’s little princess? It wasn’t until today that I realised that as long as they were healthy, I didn’t really care.

Armed with that we sat in the waiting room today waiting nervously to see if everything would be where it should, everything was growing ok and that mummy and baby were as healthy as could be. Already a wriggler, we knew they would surely be clearly visible to us as soon as we got in there. Surely!

As the consultant moved her ‘magic wand’ around, the image of our little one popped up on the screen, awkward as ever they had their back to us. J had to go and empty her bladder so they had a little bit more room to move around so we could get a better view. So the doctor checked the spine, the arms, the legs, the brain, the heart and so much more else and told us that everything was absolutely fine – no worries. They even said they had a little button nose, which is surprising because Daddy’s is quite large.


From then on you could have said anything because we were hit with an amazing sense of relief and love. That little person up on the screen was our baby and my thoughts immediately turned to their future.

We already knew that we loved this little one more than anything but now I wonder how they will grow up. Again I’m really not fussed. If they want to do ballet, play football, play the lead in the school play or just sit and read all day I will be happy as long as they, and mummy, of course, are happy.

So, I’ve teased you all enough now with non-gender specific references all the way through (sorry, not sorry).

Jess and I are proud to say that we’re having a


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