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Advice – Make it Nice

Why when people find out your pregnant, and they’ve had children, do they tell you all the bad bits?

J and I recently shared the good news and for every ‘congratulations’ I think I’ve heard just as many ‘sleepless nights’, ‘pain’ and ‘poo-nami.’

Yes that’s right, poo-nami, a tsunami of poo that is akin to a natural disaster, just with a baby’s diarrhoea instead of water.


We know it’s going to happen though, so it’s not like it’s a shock. It’s something you know is inevitable but I guess you try not to think about. I want to think about cuddles and giggles and rocking them off to sleep.

There are so many things I’m worried about though. Am I ready to be a Dad? Will I know everything to do and will I be able to give them everything?  For that reason I don’t want to hear a higher percentage of bad things. Trust me whatever you can tell me I’m sure I’ve either heard it from other friends who’ve had children or I’ve worried about it already.

I love that people want to give us their opinions but I just wish they would work their way to that point. Start with ‘it’s the most amazing thing ever,’ work up to ‘sometimes you may not sleep,’ and then finish with ‘sometimes you have to just throw the clothes away they’re that covered in shit.’

Note: These are all genuine pieces of advice I’ve heard from people.

So the next time you want to give me some advice I’m not saying I don’t want to hear the bad things and I’m not saying I don’t appreciate your glee in telling me how little sleep I’m going to get but please just soften it with a nice tale as well.

Tell me that despite all of my shirts being ruined by vomit, their little giggle after will make it all worth it because I’m sure it will.

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