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Baby Brain is a real thing

Baby Brain is a real thing.

People often say that when women get pregnant that they get that condition and that it affects their heads. I always thought it wouldn’t happen to my lovely wife as she was far too clever.

However, recently she’s developed a hint of BB and in fact, it’s been quite amusing – for both of us, I must say.

It started about a month ago. J told me we had to go and pick up a package that she’d had delivered to a shop that’s close to the station. So we set off after work, walked about a mile to get there to find out that it was being delivered to a shop that was a mile away from work – just the other direction. We had a good giggle about it.

I thought it was a one-off but then about a week or so ago she ordered some jeans to be delivered to a shop in the shopping centre. The only problem was she completely forgot what shop she had them sent to. I felt a bit bad because it had happened right before another incident – and the one that kind of inspired this whole blog.

So, J did a lovely thing for me last weekend. She booked me an eye test because I’m in need of a new pair of glasses. We got up ready for the appointment at 11am, we’d even pretty much sorted our weekend around it.

I went in, “got an appointment at 11am, Gareth Ellis.” “Erm, no sir you’re not on our system. We’ve got a Gareth Ellis in for next week.”

Jess Dungarees

Cue me looking at J and seeing her poor face drop. I felt so bad for her and despite the fact we can laugh about it now it was a little bit heart-breaking. But you know what I didn’t care – she rocks a pair of maternity dungarees and she’s carrying my boy.

So, any dads reading this, believe me, baby brain is real. Your partner will make mistakes, she’ll be forgetful and she’ll be a little sillier than usual.

But when that little person bumps your hand when you’re holding her belly then nothing else really matters.

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