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Blogmas 2017 Day 1 – Fear of Missing Out

I suffer with FOMO, but what exactly is it?

Fear of Missing Out isn’t some kind of modern, made up bullshit, it’s actually a thing. It’s that fear that if you don’t watch a certain programme or get involved in a particular conversation that you’ll be unhappy and miss out on something spectacular.

Most of the time it’s never the case.

When I was younger, and single, it manifested itself in the need to go out every weekend. You maybe didn’t want to but it was always that crippling fear that if you didn’t go out you would miss out on the best night that anyone has ever had. Holly Willoughby would be kissing anyone whose name was Gareth, and all drinks would inexplicably be free all night.

In reality you missed out on your mate cracking on with someone, the same cheesy songs in the disco room and a hangover the size of Russia the next day.

What happened to us all? When you go to big events all you see is people with their phones out recording things. But why do you do it, so you can put it on social media and people can like it? Or is it so you can give other people FOMO?

Nowadays you’re more likely to see sheep than shepherds, those who follow others and what they’re up to rather than just be happy.

And what you’re following probably is the best of what they’ve experienced. For example, when I went to Winter Wonderland in London at the weekend we all posted the fun parts, but not the biting wind, the sore feet and the thousands of people forcing you to walk like cattle.

Sometimes though I will say that it can be funny to record something or take a picture because for those who weren’t there, your description will either be hazy or just won’t do it justice.

Sometimes though it really is the fear of missing out. The fear of telling someone that you saw something or experienced something and they just don’t believe it. Honestly, the amount of times you go to an event and people ask ‘Oo did you get any good pictures?’ It’s almost unacceptable to say no and that you just enjoyed it.

I must admit I do like to add things to social media of what I’ve been up to, but that’s for me as it’s nice to look back on. Also if you’re on social media channels and don’t post anything then surely you’re just looking at what others are doing – which makes you a voyeur….weirdos.

I would love to say I could go out and explore without the need to take my phone, but, you know, FOMO and all that.

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