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Blogmas 2017 Day 8 – I think I’m going deaf

I think I’m going deaf.

‘What?’ I hear you cry. Hilarious I know but seriously I have such terrible hearing that my doctor told me that if I was 52 and not 32 he’d be sending me to get hearing aids fitted.

So surely there must be something wrong, right? I’ve been told that there is nothing wrong with my ears. No damage to the eardrum, no blockage no anything. So why can’t I hear?

It started off as a small thing, I could never really pick up whispers when my brother and I would talk at night before we went to bed and because he talks so loudly anyway I never had a problem.

However, as I’ve got older the problem has become more noticeable. I won’t pick something up completely on telly and I’ll laugh, then J will turn to me and say ‘What did they say?’ and I have to admit that in fact I have no idea. I miss so much of TV programmes that I actually Google them the next day just to check I picked up all of the important parts. Usually I did but still it’s a bit disappointing when despite watching the TV on loud you still have to do that. Or just ask J ‘What did they say?’

The point is we have 5 senses and you don’t realise how important each of them are until one of them suffers. It doesn’t mean it’s debilitating, far from it. I have a friend who is a very successful business owner and personal trainer despite some hearing loss. What I mean is it’s more of an inconvenience, than a life sentence.

I did go for an MRI recently though, just as a precaution mind you, but they’re wondering if they can see any potential nerve damage. Horrible things they are, all noise and not being able to move at all. Inevitably you somehow have the itchiest face as soon as you lie down.

I doubt they’ll find anything though. Unfortunately I think it’s the consequence of listening to the likes of Blue and Will Young at full volume on my iPod, before the days where they had noise limit messages.

A slight loss of hearing does have its funny side though. The amount of times someone has said something to me and I’ve heard something completely different and asked ‘did you just say that?’ only for them to have been saying something completely innocent.

Take today for example. A friend of mine at work said something like ‘I’m starting at ten.’ And I thought she said that she liked BDSM (please don’t Google that if you don’t know what it is. It’s along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey, that’s all you need to know.)

For now I’ll just have to put up with it. Or people will have to pass me notes like I’m back at school.

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