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  • Gareth Ellis

Diets are stupid

Diets are stupid.

People who want to lose weight need to follow one simple scientific rule. If you burn off more calories than you take in then you’ll lose weight. Simple.

Fad diets are everywhere. Atkins, 5 and 2, Special K, No Carbs and even Cabbage! Cabbage! All of them prey on the lazy, as silly as that sounds.

People who want to lose weight fast with only a couple of week’s effort. But they always seem to be blissfully unaware that when they go back to eating ‘normally’ they will put it on twice as fast.

Poor fuckers.

I get it. You want to lose weight quickly as you’ve spent too much time over the last few months eating. But for every short term quick fix there is double the weight coming to kick them in the arse, and belly, and thighs and moobs.

I’m no dietician. But I’ve been taught to eat everything in moderation, exercise regularly and lose weight gradually. The benefits of doing it this way mean it may take longer to get where you want to be but it will be sustainable.

Who am I to say any of this though? I’ve been trying to get a flatter stomach for years but haven’t quite got there. I’m just too partial to a cake.

I’d rather be happy and just a little bit overweight than sad and eating salad every day. Until they make a salad that tastes like steak that is.

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