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Holidays aren’t coming, they’re here!

I love Christmas.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I love seeing how happy people get in the build up to the 25th.

For me, my birthday is mid-November so I tend to not get too carried away with it until December hits. But as soon as the 1st is here I definitely go a little bit crazy.  The jumpers come out, (I’ve now got 7) so do the hats (I’ve got 7 of those too) and the Christmas tunes go on.

There’s just something about it that I can’t explain. Now I’m older I can’t say it’s got anything to do with the presents, I actually enjoy giving them more than I enjoy getting them.

It’s everything. It’s the chocolate before 9am, it’s the Christmas markets and getting your decorations up.

Christmas is the time where you can utter the infamous line ‘Go on then, it is Christmas.’ ‘Gareth do you fancy a mulled wine? Another mince pie? 24 advent calendar chocolates in a morning?

There’s also the fact that this year there will be added significance to the festive season as it will be J and I’s first Christmas as a married couple. So at least she won’t get confused as to whether I’m her fiancé or fiancée, it’s just husband and wife.

As many of you know we will be moving home soon as well so it will be the last Christmas we’ll get to spend in our lovely first home together.

Surely that’s what it’s all about though right? Spending time with the people you love and letting them know just how important they are to you.

I watched Love Actually last night and they said if you can’t say it at Christmas then when can you say it?

So I hope my family (including those I gained on July 1) and my friends know how much I care about them and how special they are, not just in December but all year.

Think about it yourself as well. How do you want to finish the year? Surely everyone wants to spend it being happy. This is the best time to forget your troubles and just tell the people that matter to you exactly that.

This year I will again be gifting you all with 12 Days of Blogmas, so look out every day from December 13. Happy Blogmas!

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