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Hospital Ready? It’s in the Bag

So, what does a man put in his hospital bag? Should he even have one at all?

The answer to one of these questions I’m certain on, the other I’m doing my best to sort out. In my opinion I think it’s important for a man to take a bag to the hospital. My role on the ‘big day’ will be to assist J I any way I can. If that means I need to be alert so need to have drunk two Red Bulls then so be it.

I really don’t want to go unprepared though. It’s hard for me at the moment as J is so organised that her bag is 75 per cent ready – and she’s packed a lot of essentials.

After talking to a friend of mine she gave me some great advice. Putting that together with my own research I’ve gleamed the following list (please feel free to comment on whether I should add anything or take it away.)

Me and my hospital bag
  1. Food: My understanding is that I’ll probably get a cuppa at best so I’ll need to make sure I pack something to nibble on else I’ll get hangry, and I need my strength. I also need to make sure that I pack J something – more because I’m scared she’ll eat all of my yummy snacks.

  2. A change of clothes: I know I need to be prepared for all eventualities so a change of clothes to stop me smelling might be a great idea. J might also need a change of clothes too. This also brings me nicely on to….

  3. Toiletries: I don’t want my little boy to think his Daddy is a minger with horrible breath and B.O. so a little bit of deodorant and toothpaste will help. It might be nice to bring some soap etc. for a shower (it’s like I’m going to the best hotel where they give away babies when you leave.)

  4. Loose change: God knows the parking is extortionate at hospitals. But after he’s made his arrival I want us all to be able to get home easily, without messing around with paying for the parking ticket. The last thing I want is a broken card machine or even worse, them not letting us leave at all.

  5. Finally, the car seat. J and I bought little man’s pram/car seat/travel arrangements months ago so we know the seat is compatible with ISOFIX etc. I just know you need one or they won’t let us take him home. Also just in case anyone is worried I’m not taking a giant mountaineering bag, the car seat will not be in the bag.

I think that’s it. I know I haven’t included a book a camera or anyway of entertaining myself but I want to be present throughout the whole thing, I don’t want to miss anything because my Where’s Wally was a particularly difficult picture. If I miss anything, J might leave me behind at the end.

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