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Pre-school Positivity

Last week we had an empty house.

Yes, we’ve reached that important landmark of both children being in pre-school at the same time. And yes, I don’t quite know what to do with myself.

On Monday Emilia went for her first ‘settling-in’ session for an hour, and I’ll admit, I really didn’t know what to expect. Despite her being the more adventurous one out of her and her brother, she can often be the shyer one.

With Rupert I weirdly had no fears that he would ace it. He’d been to a pre-school in our village from November, so by the time he went to his latest one in January I kind of expected him to just fit straight in.

With Emi though she’s never been in that environment. Because of a combination of lockdown and then me starting my role as a full time Daddy, Emi never needed childcare.

So, imagine our pride when on the day of her settling in she barely even looked back to wave us goodbye, and they then said she could start the following day (she was originally planned to just do an hour again.)

When we told her she was absolutely buzzing. I think she was ready to go, and it was lovely that her brother goes too so she has at least a tiny sense of familiarity.

Although, we’ve tried to steer clear of telling him that she’s his responsibility. I mean, he’s three, he doesn’t need the pressure of having to look after his sister too, he needs to be free to just have fun, and if he wants to be there for his sister then that’s an added bonus.

Also, we’re not silly in thinking that’s it now, that every day they will stroll into pre-school without so much as a backwards glance and will be happy every day. There will be days when she’s not feeling herself, or she’s tired or she just doesn’t want to go. And that’s OK.

All we can do is enjoy the now and celebrate the fact that she and her brother are both happy. And long may it continue.

Before too long Jess and I know she’ll go five days rather than her current three because our next unknown is how she will react when her brother is going in for the day and she isn’t.

I’m sure as long as I’m prepared with a snack then everything will be OK.

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