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Shaking it Up in 2020

Happy New Year one and all.

The turn of the decade has arrived and as we go into 2020 I’m hoping it’s a touch better than last year. 2019 was a year of awful lows and a few wonderful highs too but this year we have so much to look forward to – the main one of course being the impending arrival of our new little one.

With a new year comes change though, and this blog is no different. I’ve realised that I’ve written a lot about Rupert, and Jess, and you guys have heard all about my opinions on different scenarios we’ve found ourselves in.

However, I don’t think people know enough about me from this blog, they will just know me as Rupert’s Dad. Even people I’m closest to will read this and not really know what my opinions are on other subjects, however, they’ll know that Rupert threw up on me.

For example, how many people will know that I’m a copywriter at a major retailer? I still get asked if I’m working at the Milton Keynes Citizen, despite not working there for almost seven years. How many people knew that I love sport (mainly football) and that I’ve been a Manchester United fan for 28 years? I’m not addicted to drugs, or drink or anything bad, just football – and coffee.

When I first started this blog I wrote about all different kinds of subjects, from people who drive 45mph on 60 roads, to my mental health struggles.

Then in May of 2018 we found out we were having a baby and I decided to write about our journey into becoming parents for the first time. But in doing so, although I discovered a new way of writing, and an improved inspiration for material that I’d not had before, I lost the personal aspect of who I am and what I’m about. For example, I’m a husband as well as a dad, I’m a music lover as well as a sport fan, and I care deeply about a lot of what is going on in the world.

So as we look forward I’ll still be writing a lot about Rupert (and our new little Bean) but I’ll also be writing a bit more about other subjects that interest me, places I’ve been and advice to other parents on going there too and just other things going on in my life.

I am a Dad, and a very proud one too, but there is so much more to me than that.

Gareth and Jess
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