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Sun’s Out, Guns In

I am what’s known as a sun worshipper.

I am THAT guy who moves his sunbed round on holiday so that it’s always facing the sun straight on. I’m THAT guy who would rather sit in the shade than get vest/t-shirt tan, and I’m THAT guy who doesn’t want to be in the sun if it means I’m not laying in it getting the best tan I can.

However, this year has been different. With a baby you don’t really have time to lay in bed, let alone lay in the sun. And with little hope of a summer holiday to lounge around trying to get bronzed I knew that I’d have to rely on the British weather to get me tanned.

A rubbish idea usually, right? But this year has been scorching, with plenty of opportunity for me to move away from looking like Casper the ghost’s albino cousin.

The thing is I’ve not been that bothered. I’ve gone out in the sun with just a t-shirt on and not cared about the lines, I’ve inevitably got the ‘t-shirt tan’ and actually not cared too much about it. I mean I’m a Dad now, a t-shirt tan and bad jokes are now Rupert’s summer staple. NB: The bad jokes are a year round thing – sorry Ru. Oh, and they were here before he was born – sorry Jess.

Speaking of the littlest Ellis, him and the heat are not friends. He’s not too bad in the day because we can shade him from the sun and let him roam around the house/garden in just a nappy. At night though it’s a different story. He’s struggled a few nights where it’s just been unbearable – even with frozen water bottles propped up in front of his little fan.

It’s not too bad for us. With Jess and I we have a big fan, and we can kick off/put on the duvet as we see fit. But with Rupert you have to make a choice and stick to it. If it’s just a nappy do you run the risk of him being cold in the morning? If it’s a vest and grobag do you worry that he’ll overheat and be uncomfortable? If you go in the middle and just have a nappy with a grobag will his arms be too cold? It’s a guessing game, and if you lose, boy do you know about it!

We know that we could go on holiday next week if we wanted to, so I’m not complaining about Rupert restricting us, we just don’t see how it would be any different to looking after him here.

I mean, you still have to look after your children right? In our opinion, and I know everyone is different, it will be nicer when he’s a little bit older and he can splash in the pool and properly enjoy the kids club singing, rather than just being passed back and forth between us.

So it looks like I’ll be embracing the t-shirt tan for a little while longer. Anyone know of a good place for a fake tan?

Ru in the sun
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