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  • Gareth Ellis

Valentine’s Night….with a baby

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, where loved up couples, sit across a table gazing at each other over dinner, while they talk about their lovely lives together.

That is until you have a baby.

To be fair J and I did all of that, we just had a distraction every now and again. Let me take you through our Valentine’s night – and please, parents, tell me if it sounds at all familiar.

So I had it all planned out. There was a three course meal (lovingly planned by myself – I even printed out a menu).

I cooked the starter without any real hitches. Bruschetta – J’s favourite – and Rupert happily bounced in his bouncer – for all of 5 minutes, before he unleashed merry hell and needed to be held or he would scream.

So while my Italian masterpiece cooked in the oven, I held him gently at the table, before he decided to sick up his milk all over his arm, and mine, so Mummy had to wipe both of us down.

We settled him back down in time for another homemade classic – lasagne – another of J’s favourites. Then as he wouldn’t settle again J actually had to feed him up at the table while she tried to eat with one hand – a problem that a lot of Mums can relate to.

By the time we’d finished the main course it was about time for Ru’s bath. We’d already factored in that we would ‘take a break’ between main and dessert to bath him and put him to bed.

The only problem is that when I put him down on his mat to undress him he unleashed a thick, yellow bomb that went everywhere – and he smiled straight after.

J just looked at me, laughing, and said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. We couldn’t help but laugh. The clear up went just as well as the mood was further spoiled by me scooping up his yellow nightmare and it plopping down on the mat.

So the bath was a success and he drifted off to sleep and we went back downstairs to sort our dessert – before we went to bed for an early night….to sleep.

This was our first Valentine’s night with a baby and I have to say it was romantic, but also hilarious. However, it was a typical Valentine’s for us. We were together, we laughed and we had a bloody good dinner. The only difference was that we had Rupert – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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