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9 Months In, 9 Months Out – Part 2

Just recently, Emi turned nine months old.

And yes, just like every other month, I can’t quite believe how fast time is going. I know, I know, it sounds like a cliché, but it really is true. Time flies when you have children.

In the nine months she’s blessed our family she’s grown so much and already learned a hell of a lot. This time, around 18 months ago, I was writing a very similar blog about Rupert turning nine months, so I’ll try not to compare the two of them too much – although you find with your second child you almost inevitably end up doing just that. Every day we will, out of habit, end up saying ‘I don’t remember Rupert doing this,’ or ‘I think she’s learned this faster than Rupert.’

In nine months, Emilia has grown into a beautiful little girl who always has a smile on her face. I can’t say she’s grown into that, she’s always been a little smiler. And beautiful too.

When I wrote about Rupert’s first nine months, it was much more about us learning on the job. It was discovering all the things we’d needed to learn as parents that no manual could ever tell you. Now, with Emi, it’s been more about adapting than learning – although I still learn more and more about being a Dad every day, and I’m far from being an expert.

For example, and a fairly obvious statement, I’d only ever changed a baby boy’s nappy – changing a little girl is so much different. However, it’s a common theme that children just don’t really like getting clothes on and would happily move everywhere naked.

Also, whereas you needed eyes in the back of your head for one baby, you need eyes bloody everywhere when you have two. One minute they’re happily playing together, next you hear ‘NOOOOO, SISTER!’ as he’s hitting her on the head with the car he just lovingly gave her to play with ten seconds before (please note Rupert does NOT often hit Emilia…..any more)

She loves her food, and just like Mummy and Daddy she gets hangry if you’re not literally spooning it in faster than she can eat it.

She’s now crawling and loves nothing more than standing, and when she’s there she can reach down or get down with style, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about her at every moment. I’d rather scoop her up for a cuddle – although I know she’ll never develop if I’m always holding her, but she’s so cute!

Jess and I always dreamed of a girl, and it’s funny the way you imagine them. I – ever the romantic – imagined a little polite child saying ‘Mummy, Daddy, I love you so very much.’ Whereas the reality is more screaming because her dummy has fallen out ten times a night – although she’s got a month to get the sleeping through the night thing down or we’ll be saying, Rupert did that faster.

She has already gone one better than Rupert, his first word was Mama…

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