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Jon Boyle, Celebrate:MK

Gareth is a fantastic writer and columnist. His writing is always of a high standard and delivered way ahead of deadline. He's a great professional to work with and on top of that he's a really nice guy too.

Genevieve Brading, Writability

Gareth supported Writability recently on a client project, taking responsibility for writing a set of case studies. He was able to step in at short notice and maintained great communication throughout. He's especially good at playing with words and hinting at delicious puns without being clichéd.

Nicholas Mann,
Managing Director - Interdirect

Gareth has been supporting Interdirect’s PR and social media activities since January 2021, and is proving to be a fantastic asset to our team. With his professional and friendly manner, Gareth is always happy to provide his expertise in copywriting and content management in order to deliver the best possible results to our clients. In addition, the team is helping Gareth to learn new skills, to support his development and progress his role within the marketing industry.

Paul Gerrard, Managing Director, Gerrard Cranes

It was a pleasure to work with Gareth. He listened and interpreted my requirements extremely well; he was an easy person to talk to and I feel that he provided what I required in the agreed timeframe. His wealth of experience is noticeable, and he can play with words quickly to achieve your desired results. He is very creative, and it seems he is in the correct business as he makes it look so easy. I’m sure we will work together again at some point in the future.

Rachel Hargrave, Founder and Director of The Awards People/RDZ PR

I've worked with Gareth now on several projects across both my businesses and cannot recommend him highly enough. Not only is he a fabulously approachable and friendly person but a great interviewer who really encourages you to open up and share aspects of your business, goals, dreams and ambitions with him. He has the very rare skill of being an exceptional listener who is then able to turn what he has heard into superb copy designed to help your business grow by directly engaging your audience. He is certainly the best copywriter I've worked with in many a year and I have no issue at all in putting Gareth in front of my clients as well as recommending his services to business friends and acquaintances. Gareth, you're an absolute pleasure to work with and I very much look forward to continuing working with you.

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