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Blogmas 2017 Day 3 – Drivers are terrible

Why are drivers so shit?

Of course that is a massive generalisation but so many drivers on our roads at the moment are an absolute nightmare.

For example, we’ve just had a period of heavy snow in England. It happened on a Sunday and by Monday we were hit with the equivalent of ‘Snowmageddon’.

From there people decided they couldn’t drive. I get that the estate roads were terrible, but the main roads were pretty much as good as normal (Well done MK Council)

Yet still people pootled along at 10mph fearing for their lives. J and I just left earlier and avoided the traffic so we could assess the situation in our own time.

The second thing that grinds my gears, pun intended, is people (usually taxi drivers in a Prius) who pull out of a junction on to a 60mph road and then do 30mph.

If they were taking a driving test they would instantly fail so how are they able to get away with it. When will they invent an indestructible car so I can ram the twats?

The next in my list of driving pet hates is green ‘P’ plates. They are an excuse for people to again snooze along at a speed far short of the limit with the excuse that they are newly passed. Either you’re good enough to be on the road or you’re not, have some confidence in yourselves, you got that pass for a reason and that is that you know the correct speed and how to drive properly.

Believe it or not I’m not a particularly aggressive driver. I massively underuse my car horn and let people get away with a lot without so much as raising an eyebrow. (Editor J’s note: He swears a lot in the car with quite a few hand gestures despite not beeping people)

The thing is, driving isn’t that hard. It’s a lot of basic moves and if you take your time then you don’t need to hurry and in turn you don’t get involved in accidents.

My Grandad, God rest his soul, used to tell me two things about driving. The first was ‘keep well into the left.’ Meaning that if you stay in the left lane then you can keep from those that are in a hurry in the outside lanes.

The second was ‘drive safely’ but when I told him I would be OK he always replied with, ‘it’s not you that I’m worried about, it’s the other idiots.’

As always, he was right and still is to this day. I think if we all took that lesson and just focussed on leaving on time, not hurrying and doing the basics right then the roads would be a lot safer.

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