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Don’t wait for a resolution – Blogmas Day 9

Anyone thought of a New Year’s Resolution yet?

This year I don’t think I’ll make one. I’m not sure why January 1 has to be your clean slate. Why that the turning of a second hand at 11:59:59 will be an epiphany for you to change your life.

I understand the need to change yourself but if it’s that big, why was it not done much earlier in the year?

I really have a problem with biting my nails. They look horrible up close and I really need to stop doing it. However, I should have stopped doing it months ago, not on January 1, 2017.

It’s like anything. If you want to change something about your life then get on and do it now. Don’t wait and give yourself the excuse of making it a New Year’s Resolution. Right now that will still be 9 days of the year in which you can do it.

Why not gradually try and give something up now while you still have the opportunity to ‘fail’? Then if you have a slight wobble then you’ve broken nothing.

I am a fine one to talk though. Every year for the past 10 years I have been making the same resolutions: be nicer to people and stay in touch with my friends better and I have to admit that even after all this time I am just as useless. So sorry to all of my friends, I’m still rubbish at speaking to you (doesn’t mean I don’t miss you) and when I do speak to you I’m an arsehole.

Of course that is being very blasé about it but you get my point.

If something needs changing do it now, time is too precious to wait, even if it is just 9 days.

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