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Everybody needs good neighbours – Blogmas Day 11

If you were to sell your home any time soon, what would be the main selling point?

Is there a lot of off-road parking? Is it amazingly decorated or has it got a lovely garden? For me I’m lucky enough to have all three of those, however, when we come to sell our house I’ll sell it on the neighbourhood.

They say you can’t choose your neighbours and often you’ll get one set of people in a neighbourhood who are a pain in the arse for the rest, but this Christmas has shown me the importance of having good neighbours around you.

On Christmas Eve we went to visit some of our neighbours and probably spent a combined total of 2 hours seeing just three families.

They invited us in, they offered us tea and they chatted with us about our Christmas plans. We were with one family for almost an hour and it was so lovely (really wish I’d said yes to the tea in the end though).

When we were back home we saw two small children walk around the close with their parents, sweetly giving out Christmas cards, it was just like something you’d see on the front of a card, minus the snow, holly bushes and robins.

The point is that good neighbours are a godsend. We’re a middle house in a row of three and even with one side having two small children we barely hear a thing.

The point is you should appreciate your neighbours. A good neighbour is the difference between locking your keys out and struggling to get in for hours or locking yourself out and having your neighbour go and find something to poke the key through so you can get in (and not laughing at you).

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.

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