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  • Gareth Ellis

Everyone’s got an opinion

Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and no-one thinks theirs stinks.

On a daily basis we go to meetings, we have conversations, we watch sports and shows on television. Then we talk to friends or call people up or even message them instantly and give them our opinion, and often then have the audacity to tell people that theirs is wrong.

I can’t talk. I’m a highly opinionated person, but I will always respect someone else’s opinion. We all think differently every day. Surely that is the beauty of life?

Unless you say you don’t like this blog. In that case you can click off.

So many times J and I have had a healthy debate on a subject because we share differing views on something. We have our reasons for thinking a certain way and we discuss it.

For example, J thinks male and female tennis players deserve the same pay. I don’t. That’s maybe a blog for another time.

Just recently we have seen the end of an amazing series in Game of Thrones (no spoilers below). I spoke to various people about it and sometimes an episode I thought was amazing someone else thought was shit.

A lot of the time when I spoke to mere mortals they agreed 9 times out of 10 that an episode was good/bad/filler. However a couple of friends at work go in to too much detail involving filming, angles and things that go completely over my head.

The Euros was the same. So many people had different opinions on exactly the same game of football. It is crazy but it is incredible.

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about. Whether it is sport, television, work, pay or marriage, you should never be scared to have your opinion.

There are of course a number of things I won’t hear people’s opinions on and they are people who are being racist, homophobic or sexist – to name just a few.

However, in general, with an opinion no-one can ever be wrong. I think we could all do with remembering that, including myself.

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