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  • Gareth Ellis

Feminism: it’s not just for women

Feminism is a dirty word.

For years it’s been seen as those women who burn their bras, march in the street and generally hate on men.

Newsflash for you; that is not feminism. Trust me, I’m marrying a feminist.

Of course my opening statement isn’t true. The term feminism has deteriorated though to something far removed from the values it actually represents.

I’ll be honest for a long time I thought the first description was right for the feminist movement. I thought it was women who hated men and took the slightest opportunity to express their views to that end.

When I met J that all changed. I took some time to see it but eventually had it explained that feminism is really all about respect.

What it actually stands for is strong women, with valid opinions who want to be held on a level playing field with men, and why not?

Why shouldn’t a man and a woman doing the same job be paid the same? Why should a woman’s view on a subject be held lower in value than that of a man’s? Short answer; it shouldn’t.

I still think it will be some time before a level playing field is reached, I just hope my future children grow up in a world of equal opportunity, no matter their sex.

Feminism is not a dirty word. It’s about time people realised that.

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