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Getting Married: Part 1

After 2 and a half years of planning, thousands of pounds of our hard earned money, tears, laughs and everything else I can finally say I am a married man.

Yes, 4 weeks ago J and I tied the knot. However, as I’m writing about her for the first time as my wife I will refer to her by her name – Jessica Ami Ellis – my beautiful Jess.

We have gone through some incredibly hard times during our planning, I’m sure a lot of you have heard me moan on and on about the hardship of us making our own invitations/bunting/seating plan. However, for how perfect the day itself was I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

The week of the wedding was one of those weeks where everything is like a dream. We had parents running around getting last minute bits for us, we had suit fittings, trips to and from the venue with our decorations and the now mother in law turned our house (and garage) into her personal flower shop.

But my god the results were spectacular. The church looked immaculate, with a row of flowers and ribbon in bows (tied by yours truly), the venue looked stunning (with the aforementioned bunting) and the flowers looked sensational.

We spent the traditional night apart and when I came home I was confronted with a beautiful pocket watch and a note from my wife to be with words that made me cry for the first time of four that day.

We got ready with minimal fuss before heading to the church, via a quick pit stop for a customary glass of bubbles to toast the impending nuptials.

Once we got to church I was doing my best to stay busy so I didn’t let panic set in. It worked. I managed to say hello to everyone before looking at my phone 35 minutes before the ceremony to see my father in law had text me ‘She’s just getting the dress on.’

Now I’m a worrier, always have been, and waiting for something often makes me more nervous. So I paced a bit more until at 1.10pm (10 minutes after we were due to start) I heard our wonderful vicar say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, could you all be upstanding for the entrance of the Bride.’

I think my heart stopped. When I finally turned round I was confronted with the single most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. Jess looking like the princess I know she is. Cue tears for the second time.

The ceremony went well, despite us printing out our wedding cue cards with the words ‘I Jessica, take you Gareth to be my wife…..’ whoops.

So we drifted off to the venue in our Austin Princess car, and on to the reception where my sister in law had sorted us out a bouncy castle!

I had a quick jump on the castle, rude not to, and before we knew it, photos were done and we were sitting down for dinner.

Then on to speeches, more beautiful words from my brother, brother in law and Jess’ dad before I cried for the third time as I got to talking about Jess in MY speech.

I was just so overwhelmed that she would love me when I’m sometimes so unlovable. And after 8 weeks of counselling to help with my anger problems (that’s a blog for another day) maybe I was feeling extra grateful.

Anyway, after we’d eaten, drank, cut cake and danced (where I cried for the fourth and final time) the night went past in seconds. I know people often say it goes quickly but bloody hell that last four hours went in a flash.

So what do I have to show for all of that effort? I have even more family to add to my loving bunch, I have memories that will stay with me for a lifetime and I have a stunning wife. I am an extremely lucky man.

So anyone who is planning a wedding, or getting married soon I have this advice. Don’t just savour the day, savour every little thing along the way. Trust me you’ll look back on everything so fondly you’ll pray you could turn back time and live through it all again.

Next stop: The Honeymoon.

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