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Getting married – Part 2

So, I know what you’re thinking. Where is the blog about the honeymoon?

Well here goes. It’s only been two months after all.

After the euphoria of the wedding and watching our parents leave we sat down and took a deep breath, before we cried. Actually J cried about 4 more times, each time for something more trivial (I think the last one was because someone smiled on our TV.) Tears of sadness that our big day was over mind you; emotions were running high in the newly-crowned Ellis household.

So we packed the last of our stuff and headed off and after having my hand crushed on the 10 hour flight (J doesn’t like flying) we touched down in paradise.

We had everything you could want and were treated a little bit like rockstars, which was great because that’s exactly how I felt, like I’d done something so special that the whole world had noticed. Actually, more like the whole world had to notice.

Even though despite saying the word honeymoon 45 times in 3 minutes we didn’t get an upgrade at the hotel. But with a swim-up room what upgrade could you get? Maybe a sound filter for the noisy Brits outside in the pool while you’re trying to enjoy siesta and chill at 3pm.

Honestly, other than Americans there is nothing more loud and annoying on a holiday than Brits on a holiday with an open bar. Don’t get me wrong, I love a few beers, but when someone starts singing at the top of their voice outside your room at 2pm and you’re having a little snooze it’s not great.

Occasional noise aside, the room was incredible and the hotel was too, with staff who I think had all been programmed to say ‘Hola!’ in a cheery way. It was seriously like an episode of Westworld (not seen it? Why not?)

It was so friendly and we noticed something we really struggle with in this country, the ability to just strike up a conversation while you’re ordering a burrito.

I tried to speak to the locals in Spanish and I understand more than I remember, but I got a bit lost after ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’ ‘Do you speak Spanish?’ ‘Poco’ (which means little). I so wanted to hold a conversation but after those interactions I sadly reverted back to English with an awkward giggle.

Outside of the hotel we visited a few places of interest, temples and the like, including Chichen Itza – which is one of the seven modern wonders of the world. But we couldn’t climb it because, you guessed it, an American woman fell down it and died. Bloody Americans, they ruin everyone’s fun.

We saw dolphins, turtles and so much more and all in all we had an amazing time. I would totally recommend Mexico to anyone.

We actually came back 8 weeks ago but we’ve been so busy catching up with people and settling back into normal life that the blog took a back seat.

Now on to the next adventure, whatever that may be….

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