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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a day where women should be celebrated, not only for the amazing people they are but for what they mean to us as well.

It’s a day where we not only celebrate how far women have come but acts as a stark reminder of how far we still have to go (I mean there are countries where women still have no rights.) However, that point is best left for another day.

What I would like to do is say how proud I am of the women that Rupert will grow up with.

My mum, Lorraine, is a strong woman who supports us as her family above everything else. She’s overcome some serious setbacks in her life and she has taught me what it means to show strength through the toughest times – plus she gave me the fire I have which I’ve used to become a success in life.

My mother-in-law, Sarah is kind, considerate and also, always looks out for us all. She’s creatively clever and always has the kettle on. She has raised the love of my life into the amazing woman SHE is and I am so grateful for that.

Rupert’s Auntie, my sister-in-law Charlotte, is one of the strongest women I know. She’s caring, fiercely determined and a proud feminist – without being a man hater. In the near seven years I’ve been with Jess I’ve watched her grow from a shy girl into the woman she is today. All three also share one thing in common – they are besotted with Rupert.

And of course what would any blog about International Women’s Day be without a shout out to my wife, the mother of my son and my soulmate, Jess.

Since the day I met her I’ve been blown away by her beauty, but as I got to know her that was equalled by her strength of character, her strong beliefs and her loving nature (although she doesn’t always share that to everyone.)

However, since having Rupert I’ve seen a different level of strength. She showed the strength to give birth to him in the first place, the perseverance to carry on feeding him despite the fact she was in pain and the sheer kick ass nature to carry on every day, caring and looking after our son even though some days she’s knackered.

She’s the number one reason I count myself as a reformed Neanderthal/feminist as well and I am lucky to have her in my life as my wife and Rupert’s mummy.

But these aren’t the only women that he is blessed to have in his life. Both of our families are full of women who have amazing careers, have raised incredible families and who will love Rupert forever.

So Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong women out there reading this – keep kicking our arses and pushing us to be better, more understanding men.

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