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  • Gareth Ellis

It’s a marathon, don’t sprint!

5 years after saying I’d never do it again, I’m seriously doing all I can to get accepted for the 2017 London Marathon.

The most intense physical challenge I’ve ever put my body through and I want to do it again? Yes, actually. I bloody do.

I think I knew deep down that despite the pain in my knees, despite the blisters and despite the epic effort I put my body through I would one day do it again.

This time though I’m not just doing it for me. J has not only taken up running but has come on so much in the last year.

So the challenge is not just for me to train my own body to handle long distance running again. I also need to try and coach J through it so she can achieve her ultimate goal of finishing a marathon as well.

This for me though is a shot at redemption. Last time round I didn’t give myself enough time to train and jumped into it just so I could say I’d run a marathon.

I went to the gym and trained religiously but all with the wrong focus. All upper body and no leg work. I thought that running was my leg work, when really all I was doing was putting more strain on my poor little chicken legs.

I hope this time round I can take revenge on the race that gave birth to my ‘runner’s knee’. At the very least I can say that I’ve beaten it twice. That’ll do.

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