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  • Gareth Ellis

It’s Time for a Change

So, after seeing the image of a man having to change his 1-year-old son on his lap in a toilet I’ve been inspired to write this blog.

That Father was appalled by what is a lack of services for Dads while they are out and about with their children and as a soon-to-be Dad myself I have to admit I’m worried, but also similarly appalled.

Throughout J’s pregnancy I have heard a lot of people say to me ‘oh when you’re looking after him,’ or ‘you can babysit and let J go out.’

For starters, a lot of Dads not only want to be involved but actually love being involved with the development and care of their children.

Time for change

If people are stuck in the Dark Ages with their views on women then the same can be said about Dads. We aren’t ‘looking after’ our children or ‘babysitting’ them. Why can’t we just be with them without it being something strange?

There will be times when I take ‘Bumpy’ out on my own and I will need to change him. I would be mortified if I had to change him on the floor of a toilet or anything even close to that.

Luckily, in my hometown (Milton Keynes) the shopping centre has developed an area that not only caters for baby changing but also breastfeeding, but I can’t imagine that if I was driving with him on a motorway that every service station along the way would take the matter as seriously.

I hope that authorities across the country take notice of this man and make it their goal to make things equal between Mums and Dads.

Taking care of a baby is NOT just a woman’s job.

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