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Just a little bit too far this time – Blogmas Day 6

Why do people sometimes say things for shock value?

You know what I mean. That little thing that’s just a little bit too far. The casual flirt who says something a little bit too rude, the boss who says something that exercises their power too strongly, or the idiot who takes that banter just a little bit too far.

Katie Hopkins falls in a different category all together. She falls in the box that is simply just a twat for the sake of being a twat.

She’s insulting, she’s rude and she often ends up contradicting herself. I mean who can forget the time she said she hated names of children that were geographical, only to be pulled up on the fact her child is India. Fucking moron!

Recently she’s actually had to apologise for something. I guess the darkest pits of hell are getting a bit chilly this time of year as it gets ready to freeze over.

She made a comment about a Muslim family that I won’t repeat, as I don’t want to and I don’t think it deserves it.

The point is she would have made it in the heat of the moment, without thinking and it would have caused massive offence and upset.

I suppose, unfortunately, that’s something that she and I have in common. We’re people who have the potential to offend in the blink of an eye. The difference is I have a conscience and I deeply regret my decisions, despite how much they may have been made in haste.

The great thing is I usually get away with it.

Recently though I didn’t. I made a comment to a friend of mine that I made too hastily because I wanted to save face for myself. I again won’t go into details out of respect for the man I offended but I made a joke that was close to the knuckle and it went the wrong way.

I knew it was wrong when I said it and now I’m paying the consequences. A bloke I once had some bloody good banter with now doesn’t want to speak to me, despite manfully accepting my apology.

It was always going to happen though. I always knew deep down I’d piss someone off that little bit too much or offend someone too hard.

The thing with words is, they can’t be unsaid so I can’t take it back, I suppose the trick in the future is don’t say them at all.

A lesson that both I and that motor-mouthed twat could learn.

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