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Justin Bieber is not the Messiah – Blogmas Day 2

Who outside of delirious teenage girls likes Justin Bieber?

Not his catchy tunes (which I’ll admit some have been good) I mean him as a person. Now I know we don’t know the guy I just don’t understand where his head’s at.

Can you imagine a footballer telling the crowd to be quiet while he takes a penalty? Or a comedian not to be heckled while he tells a joke? No.

When he told a crowd to be quiet so he could talk, and then subsequently told them to be quiet and then called them obnoxious, he crossed a line. A very big arrogant line.

He told people who had paid good money to see him not to scream and shout in support of him. Now these fans weren’t doing anything horrible, they had paid their money to see him in concert and the arsehole actually called them obnoxious. They’re your fans mate.

They paid their hard earned money (or parents’ money) to see you and you actually expected them not to show a bit of excitement.

How arrogant can you get?

He’s the obnoxious one. He’s a prick in fact. He has people who worship him, despite the fact he treats them like shit.

But he’s not the only one. Plenty of celebrities treat their fans like twats, just because they know they have millions more in reserve, but it’s not on.

One day though they’ll have no-one and nothing and they’ll pray for just one person to shake their hand, let alone scream at a sold out concert.

One day I hope to have children. I would be mortified if they end up to be anywhere near what this knobhead is.

I understand the above incident was a couple of months ago, I was just reminded, yet again of his twatiness in a recent spat he had during an amateur hockey game so I thought I’d write about it.

I’m sure I could write about a new incident of him being a scrote every week if I wanted, however, this will do.

Justin, grow up and realise you are nothing special. You still put your trousers on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. Arsehole!

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