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  • Gareth Ellis

Lazy like Sunday Morning

I’m lazy.

Right now I am such a lazy bugger. I get up, I go to work, I work hard, I come home, I eat and then I go to bed.

Notice what was missing out of that? A lack of exercise. I’m the type of person who needs a goal to work towards. Whether I’m at work, at home or at the gym.

At work my motivation has been kick-started, at home I love the thought of getting things done, but the gym has taken a back seat. All because I don’t have a goal.

Before the wedding J and I had the marathon to train for, after that I wanted to be in shape for the wedding/honeymoon. Now the only shape I’m getting into is a sphere.

The worst part about it is I know I’m getting wobblier, I just haven’t got the motivation to exercise. In fact it’s not the gym I’m struggling with, it’s A) deciding whether I want to get skinnier or get bigger muscles and B) the dreaded diet.

I eat so terribly and the biggest problem is the old adage that abs are made in the kitchen. Unfortunately so is the apple strudel I’ve just eaten.

I know what I need to do. Over the years I’ve trained with and got advice from some amazing people who are in great shape and whose advice I seriously trust.

The problem is that I associate cheering myself up with food so the more unhappy I get with my size the more I eat. It’s a vicious cycle I guess.

Now I need to get the fuck out of it and actually realise that soon I will no longer be able to see my feet when I breathe out, so I need to get back to exercising and eating somewhat healthily.

So in the next couple of months (apart from special occasions) if you see me with something bad about to be eaten then you have the permission to tell me to ‘put it down’ and make a comment about my belly/moobs/general lack of fitness.

God knows I need as much tough love as I can handle.

Now pass me the low fat strudel.

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