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  • Gareth Ellis

Life has one take, make it count

I’m a happy man. I thought after 2 months of blogs it was time to reveal that shocking fact.

Despite my sometimes surly demeanour and the often ‘ranty’ nature of these blogs I really am. I’m actually quite a laid back guy and quite a softie once you get to know me. I also love a prank and a good laugh.

I just have a bit of a temper and an occasional selfish side. I guess it’s just the hangover from years of being single and in a long distance relationship. You tend to only look out for yourself and resent those who made mistakes ‘you wouldn’t make’ in relationships.

However, I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a nice guy and a soppy, romantic one at that.

It’s a hard fact for some people to grasp, mainly the poor fuckers who I work with. They see the occasionally stressed side, the competitive side, the snappy side and I guess it’s the fact that I care about upsetting everyone that makes me not all that bad. Or so I keep telling myself.

They always say you upset the ones you’re closest to, so to my families, my friends, my colleagues and anyone else, I owe you an apology, and a thank you for not giving up on me sooner.

Like I said, I’m happy really. I have a house, 2 loving families, good friends, a wonderful fiancée and a job I enjoy. Not a lot else you could ask for really. Well, aside from a lottery win. Only a little one, maybe like £250,000. I wouldn’t waste it, honest.

I must try harder to make an effort in making people smile again. It’s something I enjoy and something I miss when I’m being a dick about life.

Always remember, there is only one take in life. Enjoy it. Tell people how much they mean to you, laugh loud and long every day and don’t sweat the small things.

They have a tendency of working themselves out in the end.

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