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  • Gareth Ellis

Life is what happens while you’re looking at your phone

Life is what happens while you are looking down at your phone.

I have to admit, that statement is a little bit hypocritical. I love my phone and like to have a look at social media and maybe the football scores.

I don’t even really WANT to see what’s on there. I think it’s the fear of missing out on something.

However, when did it become so drastic that people can’t walk up a set of stairs in my building at work without looking at it?

Has someone tagged you in a selfie that you can’t wait 30 seconds to look at? If you don’t send that text in 10 seconds will the world explode? No it bloody won’t.

The worst part is that when these ‘phone zombies’ almost walk in to me on the stairs or in the corridor they then look at me and huff like I’ve done something wrong.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I inconvenience you? Terribly sorry. Idiot. Next time I’ll give you free rein to walk into me.

Like I said, I spend a lot of time on my phone. I once even got 3 points on my licence for talking on it while driving, and I was two minutes away from the person I was going to meet.

A watched phone never rings, so why do we all spend so much time looking at them? J and I even once tried to have a curfew where we didn’t look at our phones past 8pm. But that was a nightmare when there was an evening game on.

Jokes aside phones and the like are a pain in the arse. So put them down every now and again. Leave that duck-face selfie for an hour and go outside.

You really do only live once so get out there and have a laugh with your mates, go for a walk with a loved one or read a book.

Unless you’re reading this post on your phone. In which case, like and share it, even leave a complimentary comment. Then put your phone down and actually talk to someone. It’s actually quite fun.

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