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  • Gareth Ellis

Music – what happened to you?

‘He see me do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, so me need to put in work, work, work, work’

Music today really is a load of noise.

I know that sounds like something that someone twice my age would say, but seriously. Rihanna’s latest song is a case in point. I mean, what the fuck is she saying? She sounds like she’s entertaining a toddler, or she’s drunk. (The first line of this blog is genuinely a line from that song, not a transcript from a local toddler group.)

What happened to hearing someone live with a genuinely good voice, sing some original songs? The CDs on loop in my car at the moment are by Royal Blood and Ed Sheeran. I’ve heard both live and they are both incredible. Then, when you open up the CD it says their names next to ‘written by’.

The charts nowadays are filled with either dance remixes of 90s songs or Justin Bieber. The problem is most of the songs that have been remixed weren’t even good in the 90s. I didn’t want to listen to Damage or Brandy back then so the thought of a dance remix is incredibly unappealing.

I’m not saying that every single song I ever hear has to be an original but at least be more than someone saying more inspiring than ‘work’ over and over again like she’s had too many rums.

I’m not saying I’m opposed to modern music. I’m not even saying some of these people are, or were, bad singers. All I’m saying is the charts at the moment are full of shit, interspersed with the odd good song.

Gone are the days of the charts being filled with ballads and clever lyrics only to be filled now by dance remixes, poorly done covers and that little Canadian turd.

Give me a 90s chart battle between Oasis and Blur any day.

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