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My First Father’s Day

When I was growing up Father’s Day and Mother’s Day were a big deal. I always wanted to spend them with my parents at least for some time and I always made sure I got them a nice gift.

As I got older they both said that they liked those days more than their birthdays, the reason? Anyone can celebrate their birthdays, but the only people that could celebrate those days with them were me and my brother.

Of course, it was a sentiment that I understood, however, since having Rupert I get it even more. But this year was a bit different. This year was my first Father’s Day and Ru is just six months old so I know that he doesn’t quite get the concept of any special occasion.

He cried on Christmas Eve, he cried the night before Jess’ birthday and he cried all night before Mother’s Day – actually before any big occasion he kicks off, the little bugger.

Anyway, this weekend we were at the wedding of two of our good friends so I had no idea whether he slept well or not.

But when I got back home the hug I gave him was a little tighter, the smile I beamed at him was a little broader and my heart leapt just that little bit higher. He didn’t seem to react any differently, he just smiled, reached out his arms for me to pick him up and then wanted to be put back down almost immediately. Standard reaction, cheers Ru.

The point is, at this age it’s your other half who makes Father’s Day. I made a big effort for J and she made up for it in return.

It was a chance for her to show how much she appreciates me in our efforts to look after our son. It showed me how thoughtful she is and how kind and how much I love the pair of them.

There will be times in the future when this will be completely different and he will make me a card out of paint or macaroni. But for now I’ll take the book I can read to him, the matching tops and my favourite imported soft drink – Pibb Xtra.

Nowadays, if you don’t write on social media that you love your parents and that they’re your idols then you don’t actually love them. Surely a cuddle and your time is worth 10 times as much?

But there are people who couldn’t hug their Dads this year, for whatever reason, and my heart goes out to them. Father’s Day can be joyous for some and heart-breaking for others.

For me, I will always cherish my parents, now even more so as I’m one as well.

First Father's Day
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