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One year until the big day!

Tomorrow is an important date.

Tomorrow marks exactly one year until J and I get married. I should be scared, but I’m not. I’m so excited!

There are elements that scare me of course. I want everyone to get along, I want to be happy with all of my friends before I send out invites and I want to finish off these 640 bloody bunting triangles that we’re making.

Overall though I’m excited. The venue, church and J are all perfect. So what more could I ask for? You often see in movies and TV shows that guys fret about never being with anyone else ever, but I don’t care. Surely that’s what marriage is all about?

Despite a fair amount of soppiness I had resigned myself to thinking that maybe marriage wasn’t going to happen for me, until J came out of nowhere.

Now after 4 years, one house, 120 miles and more laughs than I can count, we are just over a year away from that magical day.

Marriage for me is important. It is the day you commit to each other and say your vows in front of your closest friends and family. It’s also bloody expensive. By the time it comes around it will have taken us two and a half years of hard saving. It’s involved sacrifices I can’t even begin to describe, tears, tantrums but overall excitement.

I went for my first suit fitting recently and I have to say the excitement levels are now at their highest.

J has been going for wedding dress fittings as well and it’s a covert mission for her not to let on what dress she is considering – I’m not even allowed to know what she doesn’t like – and rightly so.

I just can’t wait now. I’m not one for wishing my life away but once we get married we can start thinking about the next exciting chapter in our lives, and potentially the scariest. That’s right – writing all those thank you cards.

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