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  • Gareth Ellis

Political Correctness gone mad

What’s the difference between a midget, an elf and a dwarf?

No this isn’t the start of a cruel joke, or an episode of The Office but actually a genuine question I got asked at work the other day.

I went to answer and a friend piped up that midget wasn’t politically correct and that it should be ‘little person’.

In my opinion ‘little person’ sounds condescending. A little person to me is a child and if you are a dwarf then surely you don’t want to be referred to as childlike.

It got me thinking that nowadays people are far too politically correct. I’m not saying we should go around using the most offensive terms possible for people who are different to the norm but seriously the world today is softer than a bag of shit.

You can’t read anything online nowadays without someone commenting that it’s wrong, or politically incorrect, or that the person writing it should be banned from ever writing again.

The other day I saw a post from Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped on the back of Usain Bolt with the caption ‘This is how I’m running errands from now on.’

Now I, a sane person, read that as he’s bloody quick and your jobs would be done in about half hour. Political correctness jumps on the fact she must have been being racist. That she means that she should be riding him like a horse because of her race against his.

No you absolute twats! She doesn’t mean that at all. If you think so you’re an absolute moron.

Usain Bolt is fast, he’s also black. Those two things are facts. Why can’t you say what someone is any more?

If someone is disabled then they are disabled, they’re not handicapped. If someone is black then they are black, that’s not racist.

I am sick and tired of having to watch my words. Actually bollocks to that I don’t ever do that. What I mean is people shouldn’t have to be so politically correct about every little thing. It’s getting pathetic.

When you have to remove all mention of fighting, conflict or war from a product description of a toy that has two machine guns and a tank on it then you know the world is heading in a weird direction.

I mean, it’s not like machine guns blow fucking bubbles is it?

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