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Roar-some Family Fun

Today, we emulated one of Rupert’s TV heroes and went on a Dinosaur Adventure.

Of course, this one wasn’t led by Andy Day from CBeebies, but rather the amazing people from the charity, Emily’s Star.

Weeks ago, we spotted something on Facebook, advertising a Dino Hunt, and since Rupert is crazy about all things prehistoric, we thought it would definitely be worth taking a look at. We weren’t disappointed.

The hunt began from the moment we parked the car. Jess or I had never been to the Secret Garden in Wolverton and that became obvious when it was so much of a secret that we couldn’t actually find it right away.

When we eventually found it, we were greeted and told all about the hunt, how we could find golden eggs and encouraged to have as much fun as possible.

So, we set off, tasked with finding 11 different letters that would help spell out the name of a dinosaur, with a reward waiting for us at base camp when we were finished. Along the way we ran into a host of different dinosaurs – which Rupert was more than happy to name for us – as we took a leisurely stroll through the beautiful, wooded gardens.

After plenty of searching we found not only the 11 letters, but we were also lucky enough to find a golden egg too! Rupert and Emilia made sure we kept the egg safe, as they happily munched through lunch…at around 10.30am.

We went through the woods one more time, just to make sure we’d found everything, and to see if we could find a second egg (in case the kids didn’t want to share the golden prize at the end) before heading to the gardens.

There we were treated to so many beautiful little activities, and ones that I have no shame in admitting that I'll be stealing for the summer. There were dinosaur digs in coloured oats, there were frozen dinosaur eggs, dinosaur feet to walk on and some colourful messy play involving coloured cereal and jelly – the kids LOVED it!

After a decent amount of time playing, we went to ‘Base Camp’ to claim our reward. We got two lovely books for the kids which we chose instead of some Lego or slime, which would have been equally good prizes.

After a successful go on the tombola, it was time to leave, but not before claiming another really cool art set as part of our golden egg reward. We spent two hours there but left with prizes, memories and two happy children.

It’s clear the charity volunteers put so much effort into making this event a lot of fun for not only the children but the adults too.

And let’s not lose sight of what the charity does. Named after a beautiful and brave little baby girl, who became an angel after just 26 days, the charity raises vital funds to support all children in Milton Keynes aged 0-25, who fall under the children with complex needs nursing team or attend The Redway School.

As well as raising awareness of Trisomy 18/Edwards Syndrome – which Emily had – the charity provides families of premature babies with clothing, bonding aids and more via boxes and mini packs.

We were so happy to support this wonderful charity and if you see any of their events in MK, or see them across the UK, then offer yours too.

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