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Sharing a Birthday: Happy or Not?

Today is my birthday. I’m torn over whether or not I’d ever want to share it and up until a few days ago I thought I may have been sharing it with my boy.

As I’ve grown up I’ve always been strange about my birthday. Being so close to Christmas, people always used to ask what I wanted for Christmas – before my birthday had passed. Of course, what person knows what they want for Christmas before they’ve even seen what birthday presents they’ve received?

However, as the time got closer I thought that sharing my birthday would actually be quite a sweet thing. All the bad things about sharing a birthday actually seem like the best ones. For starters, I thought people would forget my day and only remember his, well when you get over the age of 30 you don’t want people to know how old you are.

Secondly, I’ve always loved other people’s birthdays more than my own. That’s because I hate the pressure that can come with a birthday. People always want to know where you want to go, what you want to do and how you want to do it. When it’s someone else’s birthday I love being able to make them happy.

For example, J and I have had a tradition in our house for a few years where we put banners and balloons up. It’s always funny that every year, on the night before the others birthday we are up to bed half an hour or so later than the other person so we can decorate. No questions are ever asked.

This year was no different, however, baby brain took over my poor wife. As I came downstairs I was so happy to even see the banners etc up because I know it would have been an effort for J to do it. Thankfully she hadn’t put them up high but still it was a pleasure nonetheless.

But after I’d given her a hug and said thank you profusely I looked a little closer at the balloons and saw that they said ‘Happy 4th Birthday.’ So I asked J what the reason was and she said that she had bought them thinking they just had a big 3 on them so she could put them up writing out ‘33’ (unfortunately my age). However, after finding out that they were wrong she put them up anyway.

She’s growing our son, I’ll let her off.

For that reason I can’t wait until it’s his special day we’re celebrating as we can make it so amazing for him and give him lots of funny memories (and in four years we can use up the rest of these balloons. )Whether he wants a football party, a tea party or a pizza party we won’t care and it will be nice to celebrate some key milestones with him (just hope it doesn’t go too quickly.)

Let’s face it, when you get to my age the next milestone you’ve got is 40!

Bumpy Birthday Card
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