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  • Gareth Ellis

The Reality of TV personalities

Ever wanted to watch a car crash?

No, of course you haven’t. So why are we so compelled to watch the ultimate in car crash viewing – Reality TV?

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have become famous thanks to the likes of Big Brother, Geordie Shore and Love Island. But why?

These people go on TV as unknowns and then after appearing on our screens for a few weeks all of a sudden we are supposed to idolise them. No thanks.

Take Joey Essex for example. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy as a person. But he’s thick as pig shit. Just for being decent looking and from a certain area he is a TV personality. Seriously? If it was down to brains he would be on a minimum wage salary. However, he is renowned for being stupid so we apparently love him.

Right now, and for the next six weeks, J will be watching Love Island. I’ll be surprised if one or more don’t ‘make a name for themselves’ and end up being famous. Well, for 15 minutes at least.

I just don’t understand it. I know people with a whole load more personality than any of these people, and they’re not famous.

But I’ll be gripped by it I’m sure. I’ll want to look at it just as you are compelled to look at an incident on a motorway. You really don’t want to look, but you feel like you have to.

I prefer to idolise people who are a little bit more ‘mundane’ but every bit as special. My parents, my grandparents and our emergency services.

People who make a difference and don’t need to be famous or get any recognition for doing it. Now that’s reality for me.

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