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  • Gareth Ellis

Weathering the Weather

Don’t say it too loud, but it’s starting to get a bit colder.

Not only that but it’s starting to get darker a little bit earlier. That’s right, after the absolute fireball that was summer, we’re finally edging towards autumn.

That means we’re moving away from shorts, t-shirts and vests (that’s right, I love a vest) and towards trousers, jumpers and wellies.

The question is, which do you prefer? For me, I’ve always been a sun worshipper. I’m the type to move their sunbed/towel around throughout the day so that I’m always facing the sun. This summer I wore vests most of the time because I couldn’t deal with the t-shirt tan – and that may be the vainest sentence I’ve ever written. It’s also stupid because I was left with vest tan instead.

When you have kids though summer days mean something completely different. Gone are the days where you can lay around in the summer – dependent on their age – replaced by walks and watching them play outside on their bikes.

It also wasn’t seen as acceptable to lie in a darkened room away from the sun. The kids didn’t really understand the heat so were happy to carry on as normal and wanted to go to the park, out in the garden and constantly wanted to be in the paddling pool.

When it’s just me I love the summer, but when you have kids there is so much to think about. Have they got sun cream on? Have you put enough sun cream all over them? Have they got hats? Are they keeping their hats on? Are they getting too hot? Have they got appropriate clothes on? Have they got enough to drink? If they’re drinking more, have you got Rupert’s travel wee pot (actually a thing, who knew?) And that’s just for the children, and probably isn’t a comprehensive list.

I say that, but when it’s colder I feel like you can just put them in trousers, jumper and maybe coat and hats. Although, that doesn’t take into account dungarees and wellies if it’s raining, or the cold weather cream to keep their cheeks and noses warm. Fuck, do I just hate all weather?

Talking to another parent recently we agreed that it’s actually easier to get children warm when they’re cold than cool them down when it’s too hot.

For me, I find night-time is easier for children when it’s cold. You can close the windows, get the long pyjamas on, add a thick duvet and they’ll be OK.

So basically, all I want is a world where it’s hot in the day and I’m on my own, and then it’s cool in the evening so I can sleep?

Not much to ask then?

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