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Why do we drink so much? Blogmas Day 3

Today I’m hungover. Last night was the work Christmas party and of course I drank far too much, despite saying I wouldn’t.

Anyway, I struggled in to work as my boss was buying us breakfast, and I somehow made it through the day.

What I was struck by though was how nice people can be when you’re hungover. So many people were asking how I was feeling and telling me they hoped I got better soon.

I had to tell them in the end that as lovely as it was it was my own stupid fault for getting in that state in the first place.

To be fair it goes one of two ways. People are either really sympathetic or they really don’t give a monkeys and they seem to even revel in your pain.

My Dad called me just to tell me that I was stupid for getting that drunk but that I’d never learn. I will point out that he was joking but still, there was zero sympathy.

Why do we do it though? Why do we drink so much in excess when we go out? For some people it’s a status thing. They want to be able to tell everyone how much they drank the night before. For some, me included, it’s a slight anxiety fixer. You want to be able to mask the fact that you’re worried about being boring or you want to make it seem that you’re having a good time.

I always say I won’t drink too much but then I do. It happens. All that matters is it was a great night, spent with a lot of people I liked, all having fun.

Is the hangover a worthwhile after effect? Maybe. I just wish I could have remembered more about it. At least people can fill me in about what I got up to, I’m sure I didn’t embarrass myself too much……did I?

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