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  • Gareth Ellis

Why You Need a Copywriter

How do you feel when someone asks you to talk about your business? It’s easy, right?

You sit down with friends, co-workers, that long lost relation who wants to know what you’re up to and you speak for hours about the innovative ideas that you’re working on. Everybody leaves, feeling bloody impressed by how successful you are, and you bask in that glow of satisfaction.

Then you get to your desk to work on a website or newsletter and you try and condense hours’ worth of spoken words into 200 words of written – not as easy. So that job sits at the bottom of your to do pile and every now and again you might start it, but it will never get done. Sound like you? Sounds like you need a copywriter.

Copywriters exist in a number of different forms, and all have their strengths. Some will be buzzing about business while others will be spot on with sports. Some will be brilliant at blogs and others have a niche for newsletters. The point is you hire a copywriter to say what you want, in a way you can’t.

They can also take on a range of different projects. This could include something short term, and ever changing like a headline, or something more in-depth like a feature piece or series of articles. With the emergence of social media too there is a space for a different breed of writer. But it all depends where your customers are and how they digest their content.

The use of language is evolving at an incredible pace, but a copywriter will help you keep up to date, with words that will have you sounding more like a thesaurus than an old dinosaur.

It’s all about balance. A good copywriter takes your words injects them with your personality, sprinkles in some keywords to get you firing on a Google search and then leaves you able to do the things in your business that you excel at.

But take your time. Most copywriters will want a discovery call with a potential client to check that their personalities etc are aligned, before finding out as much as they can about them, their business and what it is they need.

Some jobs will require a rigid structure but with most, it’s great to just let a copywriter loose because above all else, we just love being creative. Whether it’s playing around with language, through puns, alliteration and clever turns of phrase or daring to push your audience to the edge we all want the same thing, for you and your business to succeed.

We want to help you get noticed, generate sales and make money, or simply tell your story in the most compelling way we can.

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