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  • Gareth Ellis

You Get Out What You Put In

In life, you always get out what you put in.

In business, it’s exactly the same. You get out what you put in.

For example, take a look at networking events. If you don’t put yourself out there, talk to people and make new connections then it’s unlikely that you’ll come away with a lot.

However, if you put yourself out there, engage with other people, tell them about yourself and listen to their stories too then you’ll make connections, build your confidence, and get so much more out of it.

I’ve been in both camps. I’ve attended networking events where I’ve only talked to those people I already know and although that’s lovely because I’m building on a current connection, I’m not broadening my horizons and expanding my network.

I’ve also pushed myself to talk to a host of people at events and it’s resulted in more connections and more opportunities too.

As many people reading this will know, I am currently on the Natwest Business Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme and that has been another great example of getting out what you put in.

We’re all often told that those running the course will ‘walk through walls with us, but not for us,’ and that’s such a strong point. In business, and especially when running your own business, you HAVE to be prepared to put the hard work in if you want any chance of getting the results.

In the past I’ve been guilty of craving development and results without necessarily putting the work in to achieve it. I was similar to a lot of people in their 20s – thinking that I was entitled, and that the world owed me something just because I had done something for a long time.

Remember, in life, the world owes you very little. You have to be prepared to work hard if you want to be successful – a lesson I wish I’d learned years ago.

Nowadays, with an older and wiser (and slightly greyer) head on I have a saying written on a sticky note on my desktop which I read every day – ‘Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.’ Man, don’t I know it.

So, don’t be scared to work hard, because in life, and business, you will always get out what you put in.

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